International paper sizes

International paper sizes
International paper sizes are based upon a rectangle of paper with an area of one square metre, the sides of which are in the proportion 1:√2. This geometrical relationship is used so that any lengthways halfing of the original rectangle of paper produces another rectangle of paper with the same geometric relationship. For example, the A series is shown below. 0192806483. international-paper-sizes. 1. tifThere are three series of international paper size; A, B, and C. A is the most common series, with A4 being the favoured size for business correspondence. The B series is often used for posters, wall charts, other large items and where circumstances dictate a size of paper intermediate between any two adjacent sizes of the A series. The C series is used mainly when it is necessary to fit an envelope inside another envelope. The range and sizes of the three series are as follows:

Big dictionary of business and management. 2014.

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